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Services & Programs

Dr. Webb offers a broad palette of services and flexible treatment approaches.  Hover over the categories to learn more.


Gain a skilled professional perspective on your mental health concerns.

Integrative Care

  • whole-person assessments 

  • individualized mind-body therapies

  • medication & biological therapies

  • nutritional counseling

  • couples & family sessions

  • group psychotherapies

  • facilitated peer-support groups

Educational Programs

  • mental health “toolkits”  

  • psychoeducation series

  • interactive family workshops

  • mind-body experiential learning

Body-Centered Practices

  • movement-based mental health practices

  • breath work & "tapping"

  • activity & exercise guidance

  • yoga basics

Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric Treatment Options

Individual Therapy integrating biological, psychological, and body-based approaches.


Couples & Family Therapies providing step-wise attention to individual and family system needs.


Group Psychotherapy  

  • Dynamic insight-oriented processing groups for long-term transformative work

  • Weekly sessions are ongoing, 90-minutes each

  • Space limited to 9 participants per group


Mental Health Support Groups

  • Facilitated peer support groups for specific health concerns

  • Pragmatic focus that varies according to interests & needs expressed

  • Weekly sessions, 75-minutes each

  • Time-limited, with duration negotiated by the group

  • Space limited to 12 participants per group

Educational Program

Educational Program Options

Group Learning


Psychoeducation Learning Series                       

  • Health topics, responsive to interests & needs expressed

  • Weekly interactive learning, 75-minutes each

  • Four to eight sessions, duration varies by topic

  • Space limited to 18 participants


Experiential Learning Workshops 

  • Prepared topics address mind-body health interests & concerns

  • Active & interactive formats

  • 75-minutes each

  • Single session, or short-series 

  • Space limited to 18 participants

  • Sample single session:

Animal-Assisted Adventures

  • Sample short series:

Mindfulness, part 1:  Self-perception and self-states 

Mindfulness, part 2:  Mind mapping and body memory 

Mindfulness, part 3:  Self-witnessing and compassion


Coming in the Fall of 2022…


Body-Mind Health for Families 

  • Single-session or short-series family workshops

  • Interactive formats, 75-minutes each

  • Sample sessions:

- Breathe, Tap, Stretch & Giggle!​

- Creating Safety in Body & Mind


Coming in 2023…

Body-Mind Healing Practice

  • Yoga for Lifelong Health  

  • 75-minute classes offered in 8-week series 

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